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At the University of Pisa a series of courses is also taught in English !
The University has a special offer for foreign students.

International students who have chosen the University of Camerino for their studies can take up the special offer “UNICAM x International students”: an all-inclusive package.
The cost of the package is € 6.500 per year to be paid by the student in installments.

The all-in package includes:

  • tuition fees (including the regional education tax and stamp duty)
  • accommodation in the Campus residential complex for the entire academic year (October-July)
  • 2 meals a day (lunch and dinner Mon/Fri) in the university canteens (excluding the period when they are closed)
  • registration in the National Health Service

In addition students have available the following services:

  • welcome assistance with university enrolment
  • obtaining the permit to stay and local residency certificate
  • obtaining a fiscal code
  • registration with the National Health Service

and also

  • venues for cultural events
  • access to libraries, laboratories and internet rooms
  • certification for accessing the University WiFi
  • registration with CUS, the University sport association
  • prepaid credit cards “Enjoy my Unicam” and/or “On Card”
  • personalised tutoring (study guidance, counselling, acquisition of books)
  • subscription to “Unicam Mobilità” for free local bus services

N.B. In order to register and get these facilities you have to contact Italstudio as soon as possible, so we can get you a registration number that entitles you to these facilities.

About the University of Camerino

The University of Camerino (UNICAM) 7 centuries after its foundation remains young in spirit and continues to make major contributions to the economic, social and cultural life of the town and its region.

UNICAM was the first university in Italy to introduce quality control procedures in its institutional activities according to the international norms UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 by the French certifying company GROUPE AFAQ.
Out of 8,000 registered students the percentage of international students has reached 9%, more then three times the national average.

5 University Schools and 4 campuses (Camerino, Ascoli Piceno, Matelica, San Benedetto del Tronto). Bachelor and Master courses held in English as well as Doctoral courses.

UNICAM boasts of building structures and equipment in continual development: teaching and scientific libraries and a large number of research laboratories (56 laboratories and 15 libraries), modern sports facilities, dormitories for over 800 places, student services and facilities.

The excellent professor/student ratio (1 professor for every 25 students) is another fundamental element in guaranteeing quality of learning at UNICAM.

The University has respect for different ideas.
The University offers a friendly, productive and creative environment.
The University gives you an experience that prepares you for a lifetime of achievement.

A little big international world: this is UNICAM!

For general information you can visit the official site of the University of Camerino.


Bachelor course held in English

The University of Camerino offers the bachelor degree in Biosciences and Biotechnology is an interclass degree: it consists of a common first year, where the student is provided with a solid base in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and cell biology, followed by a second and third year when the student follows either the program leading to the Biology or Biotechnology degree.Upon enrollment in the interclass degree, students must indicate the qualification desired (Biology or Biotechnology); however,the final decision between the two program degrees can be delayed to the third year, provided that the missing credits have been fully covered.

The course benefits from a friendly and skillful teaching staff and reliable supporting structures,such as laboratories, libraries, in addition to dedicated tutorship services.The Bachelor in Biosciences and Biotechnology is in the geo-biological group which
ranked first in Italy for the quality of education in the ranking of Italian Universities (CENSIS, Ranking 2014/15).

Career opportunities
The course in Biology is appropriate for students desiring a focused, in-depth grounding in all the essential elements of the biological sciences, and is particularly suitable for students intending to pursue graduate study in biological and applied sciences.

The course in Biotechnology focuses on the study of biological processes of living organisms. Students learn the skills needed to naturally manipulate processes in the development of new medicine, food and organic substances.This course provides students with a basic knowledge for the study of biotechnology with an emphasis on DNA technology, cell and molecular biology, and a wide range of practical skills,supplemented with relevant aspects of ethics law and business.

In both programs,the foundation of knowledge, plus laboratory experience, prepares students to function effectively in a variety of technical and laboratory research settings. The graduates in Biosciences and Biotechnology are also qualified for access to Master courses in either biological and biotechnological fields, by which they could achieve higher professionalism and also access to doctoral courses in biology or related fields.

Please contact us for further information.


Master courses held in English

2-year Degree Programmes (120 ECTS)

  • Master of Science in Computer Science
    This program has only one intake (September).
    The degree, being in collaboration with European and international institutions, is completely taught in English. Students will be able to carry out planning, design, development, supervision of complex software systems projects, assessment, test and management of computer networks and complex or innovative software systems for the production, transmission and processing of information even when advanced innovative or experimental methodologies are involved. This allows postgraduates to establish new theoretical developments of Computer Science topics in the relative application areas and to operate at design and decision level in all IT areas.
  • Master of Science in Geo-environmental Resources and Risks
    This program has only one intake (October).
    The course provides knowledge and practical expertise in the field of Earth Sciences related to the natural resources and the environmental hazards, aiming to form a geologist able to operate in: a) the study, exploration, exploitation and sustainable use of geo-resources (water, hydrocarbons, geo-materials, geothermal energy, b) the study of geological hazards (monitoring, evaluation, mitigation management, prevention). Time is dedicated to the acquisition of interdisciplinary knowledge, especially useful in addressing environmental issues (like groundwater pollution, disaster management or effects of climate change) and transversal competences (use of advanced software and programming codes). Practical workshops held by geologists working in specific fields help introducing the students to the professional world.
  • Master of Science in Mathematics and Applications
    This program has only one intake (October).
    The Master Degree in Mathematics and Applications aims to consolidate the education in mathematics of his graduates by providing a broad range of advanced courses in algebra, geometry, analysis and mathematical physics, such training accompanied by a significant logical rigor, but also aims to develop the student ability to develop and use methods and mathematical models applied in various fields. The course is designed to give the student the choice between a course in which are accentuated the fundamental aspects of mathematics and a path where more attention is paid to issues related to applications.
  • Master of Science in Physics
    This program has only one intake (October).
    The Physics Division of the School of Science and Technology is characterized by experimental and / or theoretical in the following areas: optics and quantum information, physics of many-body systems, superconductivity and super fluidity, surface physics, physics of disordered systems, statistical physics and complex systems, nuclear physics, study and characterization of new materials with applications in the photovoltaic and alternative and renewable energy sources. The Master Degree concludes with a thesis involving original contributions from the student with an average duration of about 9 months. This degree gives access to higher level job positions and it is a prerequisite for any further studies and researches.
  • Master of Science in Biological Sciences
    This program has only one intake (September).
    The second level degree in Biological Sciences (LM-6 class Biology) aims to train graduates with advanced knowledge and expertise in update biomolecular and biotechnological methodologies for application in diagnostic, nutritional, and environmental fields. Indeed, students can choice among three parallel curricula: molecular diagnostics and biotechnology; nutrition and functional food; environmental resources. These curricula, in combination with core courses, give students flexibility to tailor their degree to their background, interests, and career goals.
  • Master of Science in Chemistry and Advanced Chemical Methodologies
    This program has only one intake (September).
    The Master of Science in Chemistry and Advanced Chemical Methodologies offers the possibility to enhance the chemistry knowledge, especially in the areas that characterize the chemical research in UNICAM. The course provides skills and fundamental knowledge in advanced and innovative chemistry areas, in order to offer an educational qualification competitive on the global labour market. The master degree course will prepare a professional able to work in labs, industries and public corporations at a manager level, in the following fields: public and private research facility; chemical industry and manufacturing; laboratories for analysis, monitoring and managing the environment and the waste cycle; energy production and energy storage industries; analytical chemistry laboratories for compliance testing and/or quality assurance; private practice (register of chemists – sect. A).


Please contact Italstudio for additional information (we speak English, Dutch and Italian).

At request we can send you more detailed information about every master program!

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