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At the University of Catania some master courses are also taught in English !
Catania is Sicily’s second largest city, with a population of around 300,000. It lies on the Ionian Sea, under the shadow of Mount Etna.
The cost of living in Catania is not particularly high!

About the University

The foundation of the University of Catania, the oldest in Sicily, dates back to 1434.
Today the university buildings are spread throughout the city, with a contrast between the modern, hi-tech “University City”, and numerous historical buildings in the old city centre. It offers an attractive portfolio of academic titles and is committed in the creation of a “laboratory” where the ancient Mediterranean culture meets the new technologies, in order to offer advanced training experience. Students wishing to take a degree will find this university to be a high quality educational institution. Excellent departments and support services are offered throughout all of the university sites in Catania, Syracuse and Ragusa.

For general information you can visit the official site of the University of Catania.


Bachelor course held in English

The University of Catania doesn’t offer Bachelor programs in English, only master programs.


Master courses held in English

The University of Catania offers five 2-year Master degree programs.


1) Master Degree in Automation Engineering and Control of Complex SystemsThe master degree aims to provide students a deep knowledge of the fundamentals of technical as well as scientific aspects of the disciplines which characterize the field of Automation Engineering, without discarding affine and integrative subjects. The Course is focused on forming a high knowledge in students, enabling them to easily follow technological innovation in the industries as well as in public and/or private research institutes. The Course will provide a suitable design ability devoted to the development of traditional techniques and a capability to face with novel problems in
emergent scenarios.

2) Master Degree in Electrical Engineering
The Master Degree Course in Electrical Engineering is held in English, and aims to train high specialists in electronics and digital electronics with particular reference to electronic circuit board.

3) Master Degree in Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Industrial Development
The Master Degree Course in Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Industrial Development is a two-years course held in English, aiming to provide students the ability to formalize and solve complex technical problems and formulate innovative solutions, plan, organize and manage complex processes through innovative knowledge in the field of corporate organization and professional ethics.


Master Degree in Global Politics and Euro-Mediterranean Relations
The master degree offers an advanced training program to people eager to analyze how European and global institutions tackle the challenges set
by the recent acceleration of the process of globalization, and the increased interdependence of societies, markets, and states; to sharpen their analytical and critical reasoning, and to approach world politics from a genuinely multidisciplinary perspective. GLOPEM innovative feature is the association of global politics, European governance, and Euro-Mediterranean relations.
Focus is on global institutions, policies and issues, global justice, EU policy-making and governance, and key Mediterranean issues.

The year is divided in two semesters. All courses are divided in modules and adopt a range of learning and teaching approaches from political science, political theory as well as history and economics. Training includes stages in non-academic organizations and institutions. Study periods in foreign academic institutions are encouraged. The successful completion of the two-year programme, ending with a final exam on a written dissertation, qualifies the student for the award of the Master Degree. Emphasis is on current issues and analytical methods. Seminars, often held by visiting scholars, are included in the programme.


(Civilization, Nation, Region, City): Identity and Development

The 2-year-long (120 ECTS) European Master Course TEMA European Territories (Civilization, Nation, Region, City): Identity and Development proposes the analysis of political use and scientific representation of territorial units (civilization, nation, region, city) in an interdisciplinary, research-based curriculum. It is organized in four major modules: civilization, nation, region and city, that represent four research scales, as well as four different approaches to historical, political, social and cultural issues of space and those of territory.

TEMA Master Course is offered by a consortium of the following European universities: Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest, Hungary, École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales of Paris, France, University of Catania, Italy, and Charles University of Prague, Czech Republic.

TEMA graduates receive double or multiple degrees (according to their mobility track), as well as a diploma supplement at the end of their studies, allowing them to enter into the professions in the area of local, regional, national and European territorial administration, in urban planning and research institutions.

To apply for Master TEMA students must hold a first degree (BA/BSc /180 ECTS/) in History, Geography, Anthropology, Ethnography, Cultural studies, Urban Studies, Nationalism Studies, Law, Economy, Administration. The selection is based on academic excellence and proficiency in English and in French, which are the languages of instruction.

Please contact Italstudio for additional information (we speak English, Dutch and Italian).

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