Domus Academy offers a prestigious, worldwide reputation for providing state-of-the-art business design and fashion programs of extraordinary quality. In fact, prestigious opinion leaders (Business Week, Frame Magazine, Domus Magazine and the Italian Chamber of Fashion) ranked it as one of the Best Schools of Design in the World.
Located in Milan, Italy – the fashion and design capital of the world – Domus Academy offers Masters degrees in the most advanced disciplines in fashion and design. At Domus, students work side-by-side with industry leaders and world-renowned companies to gain hands-on experience while earning their Masters.


The Master in Product Design program combines a unique cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural approach with a hands-on experience in collaboration with companies that are at the front line of design, engineering and business. This challenging method advances the knowledge on what is currently happening in the industry, and consequently enhances the ability of anticipating the future. Designing a product is creating opportunities that enhance and modify our daily performance in order to explore novel interactions among multiple disciplines giving a unique approach to the collaboration among the research, industry and education fields. The Master in Product Design explores new territories for embedding design, technology and novel methods for fabrication and construction.


The Master in Interior & Living Design collaborates with international peers on company projects that re-invent the interior and living domain. Students focuse on theory, best practices, and design methodologies, not only to solve problems creatively, but to define problems as well. Utilizing Milan, with its long tradition of experimenting new solutions for the design challenges of modern living spaces, the city creates a solid foundation for imagining unexpected future interventions in the aspect of interior design.


The Master in Urban Vision & Architectural Design program responds to the changes in the professional field and in the urban configuration, the master offers new techniques of inquiry and design-based strategies. Taking urban strategy as the starting point to study society, this Master aims to explore different architectural approaches and provide students with the opportunity to discover their own design abilities and find responses to citizens and their culture, commerce, relationships and movements to create projects for a better urban future.


The Master in Interaction Design program promotes knowledge, skills and competences to define problems and solutions in the field of interaction and user experience.
Students will learn how to adopt digital technology to create enriched experiences. Students will be encouraged to transform their original design visions into market opportunities, thanks to the effective use of the latest hardware and software.


In the Master in Service Design program, you will learn new skills in storytelling, prototyping, problem-solving, and business design that you can apply to developing intuitive and relevant service ideas.
Through observing users, you will detect unmet customer needs and develop physical and virtual systems of service experience, working in close contact with professionals from private and public sector organizations.


The Master in Visual Brand Design program focuses on the analysis of user needs to create integrated visions and narrations that will catch the attention of selected audiences, engage them through all touch-points with a company.
Students will be prepared to identify the company’s core philosophy, cultivate a deep understanding of their products and services, juggle with different marketing techniques, and design innovative ways to communicate its values to the customers through physical, digital and social media.


The Master in Business Design program creates new connections between the worlds of business and design. Students will work on projects related to the business of design and the design of business. Enlightening and interdisciplinary, the program focuses on how to apply design culture, methodology and sensitivity to a wide range of businesses, including established enterprises, large, medium and small, and start-ups.
Students will understand design-driven management strategies as they learn to draft plans for business development, branding, marketing, and communication for the whole company as well as for specific product lines and new ventures.


The Master in Luxury and Brand Management program prepares students to manage the delicate balance between creativity and business for luxury brands. Students will learn how brand’s purpose and offer can fit within a broader demographic, sociological and cultural landscape. Tomorrow’s luxury brand managers will investigate the emerging values attached to the concept of luxury.
Students will realize how branding is science and art, logic and emotions. They will practice how to recognize customer individual behaviors and social patterns, and uncover powerful insights to support luxury brands in developing strong point of views, meaningful values, strong emotional connections, through engaging and memorable experiences.


The Master in Fashion Design program combines fashion studies, design thinking and intensive studio-practice. Students will be guided to question, refine and strengthen their individual creative vision as well as to address the challenge of designing for existing fashion brands.
Students will be engaged in the exploration of other disciplines to produce outcomes that combine conceptualization, textile manipulation, garment prototyping, branding, photo and video storytelling, and business intelligence. Students will understand the complexity of the fashion system on all levels, grow a mature awareness of the various professions across its value chain, and envision the future of the Industry.


The Master in Fashion Management program combines fashion studies with brand management, communications and fashion buying methods and tools.
Students will become increasingly familiar with the language and rules of the fashion system. They will be guided to set and perform smart research projects, grow an analytical approach, make informed decisions, develop creative and financially sustainable strategies, where the brand image matches the definition of the distribution channels and the brand/product portfolio. Students will be challenged to present their proposals through convincing written and visual formats.


The Master in Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising program blends the approach and competences of the visual merchandiser with those owned by the fashion stylist, to nurture a new professional profile: the visual fashion brand communicator, whose scope encompasses lookbooks, advertising campaigns, editorials, website, social media, but also multi-sensorial retail concepts.
Students will learn how to convey unique brand values and identity through powerful storytelling and to create an appealing visual language through photo and video shootings, visual merchandising strategies for window and in-store displays.

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