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2-Year Master of Arts Degree programs (120 ECTS)

Master of Arts (MA) Degree programs are intended for students who wish to complete their five-year academic/university curriculum (3+2). The programs foresee deep academic content and high levels of specialization, with theoretical disciplines being followed by intensive project work. It is possible to acquire 120 credits and to receive a diploma equivalent to a fully recognized MA degree, valid for further studies in the university system in Italy and abroad.

  • Fashion and Textile Design (starting September/October)

The two-year program in Fashion and Textile Design is addressed to young designers that adopt and recognize in fashion a language able to visually embrace the essence of the contemporary world (music, visual arts, humanistic culture, technical/scientific culture, craft and industrial technologies, experimentation and tradition): fashion is their language.

  • Interior Design (starting September/October and January)

The MA program in Design, specialization in Interior Design, awards students with the internationally recognized title of Master of Arts in Design. In order to graduate, students must attend a minimum of 15 academic courses, in three consecutive semesters, belonging to different course typologies.

  • Product and Service Design (starting September/October and January)

After a Bachelor’s Degree in Design, the new designer needs to specialize, to attain the special, elevated status that comes from achieving a Master’s Degree. In Italian, the Master is the Maestro. Someone who is able to draw inspiration from the past and from tradition, who builds on them to change the future.

  • Social Design (starting September/October)

The Master of Arts in Design – Social Design will provide the students with the necessary tools to understand the new needs of the complex contemporary society, and to explore the possible scenarios within the global designer job in today’s and tomorrow’s world.
When aimed at the definition of social development strategies, Design can bring out the best of both human and natural resources, as well as create sustainable innovation in any political and social context in the world. It can promote the development of local communities and identities, trigger social evolution and gender emancipation processes, and activate new economies on a small or large scale. 

  • Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies (starting September/October)

The two-year MA program is the only program in Italy and Europe with the objective of uniting a solid education in the field of visual arts production with a highly specialized curatorial program, with the aim of building the skills of artists and curators starting from the same shared exhibition environment.

  • Communication Design (starting September/October)

The two-year Master of Arts Degree (MA) in Communication Design provides solid training in conceiving and designing integrated marketing and communication campaigns. Students will use a wide range of technical disciplines – graphic design, media design, environmental design – in an instructional approach that combines classroom theory with workshop practice, and research with experimentation.

  • New Technologies for Arts (starting September/October)

The new Two-year MA in New Technologies for Arts, together with the BA in Media Design and Multimedia Arts, and the BA in Creative Technologies, explores the complexity of a world managed and interpreted by deep learning, data visualization, biodata and AI, through the creative expression of experimental media and new technologies.
The program provides practical and theoretical foundations to find innovative artistic and expressive ways of restoring reality to audiovisual productions, made possible by the use of Creative Coding, Human-Computer Interaction, X-reality, Interaction Design, generative Visual and Sound Design.

1-Year Academic Master programs (60 ECTS) – starting October

Academic Master programs are annual courses for students who wish to acquire a specialized education within a period of intensive studies aimed at gaining experience and relations in the artistic and professional world. It is possible to acquire 60 credits, valid for further studies in Italy or abroad, aimed at being awarded an MA Degree (corresponding to a total of 120 credits). Such programs are also aimed at professionals who wish to give a new development to their professional career, gaining new technical and project skills.

  • Creative Advertising

The Master in Creative Advertising is a joint initiative between NABA and Media Design School in Auckland, New Zealand (the 4th best Ad School in the world). This one-year master’s program focuses on innovative and effective advertising techniques that get customers thinking, talking—and buying. The course covers all media in which advertising appears—from print, radio, and TV to the Web and social media.
You’ll prepare to enter the creative departments of advertising agencies by learning how to solve problems creatively and how to convey ideas to others in a concise and persuasive way. Both of these core life skills are transferable across any number of disciplines, particularly those associated with commercial creativity.
This master course is particularly addressed to candidates holding a university degree/academic diploma in the communication, advertising, grahpic design, media design, visual arts, marketing or in any other humanties and disciplines related to the project fields.

  • Photography and Visual Design

This master program integrates theoretical study with laboratories and project workshops. Your coursework in visual theory and the history of photography will be enriched by guided visits to research centers, performance spaces, audiovisual production facilities, publishing houses, theatres, artists’ studios, museums, and contemporary art galleries.
Your workshops will take place in studios equipped with the latest equipment and technologies. In collaboration with partner companies and institutions, faculty will give you assignments that simulate real-world projects. Workshops focus on a range of areas, including photography exhibitions, photography magazines, photo/video interactions, and corporate projects.
During the final phase of the program, you’ll complete a period of internship at a selected company or institution, such as a publishing company, editorial office, photo agency, photo archive, museum, gallery, or photo studio. There, you have a chance to make connections and gain practical knowledge that will facilitate your entry into the world of photography, visual arts, and communication. You’ll learn professional presentation techniques that will be useful in the working environment, and you’ll develop the technical and practical skills you need to succeed as a photographer/visual designer in national and international markets.

  • Contemporary Art Markets

This master course is an intensive study path directed at providing students with effective tools to interpret art market structures and dynamics, with particular focus on contemporary artistic languages. It provides students with the opportunity to come into direct contact with established industry professionals and to collaborate with international acclaimed art galleries, auction houses, art fairs, institutions, collections and art centres.
The educational path comprises two cycles: the first is dedicated to classroom activities and thematic workshops allowing students to apply notions learnt. Visits to galleries, fairs, foundations and museums are also part of the programme. The second cycle focuses on internships, enabling students to experience different market areas first-hand. During this cycle, students also prepare their final projects and attend a three-day study trip to Basel in June during the ArtBasel art fair, the sector’s most important annual event.

Scholarship competitions

In order to attract talented international students and maintain a diverse international academic environment, NABA, together with partner companies, provides a number of scholarships reserved to foreign students. Please contact us!

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