NABA Online Summer courses 2020

NABA Online Summer Courses

NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, is an international Academy focusing on Arts and Design and is a recognized Academy with internazional students from almost 80 different countries!

Interior Design  & Fasion design courses

NABA Online Summer program 2020 offers 4 of NABA’s most celebrated courses in the Interior Design and Fashion Image & Styling paths. The courses grant students a condensed and blended learning version of the most significant trends of design of spaces and resilience design, along with introductory and intermediate level courses on Fashion Image & Styling with the chance for them to experiment with a relevant project-theme


Language: English
Certificate/Credits: upon successful completion of the online course the student will be awarded with certificate of attendance as well as with 3 ECTS
Periods in 2020:
6-17 July
Extra edition: August 31 – September 11 

Structure of the courses

First part: Theory – online lectures – 10 lessons of 2 hours per course
Second part: Project – a project will be assigned to students to be done in virtual groups
Third part: Interaction with students – live sessions with the groups of students for project and course review


-> Interior Design II

(Intermediate level)

Through this online course, students will have the chance to analyse contemporary interior spaces through observation based on individual research. They will develop a professional designer attitude by searching for materials as a source of inspiration. The course is also an invitation to reflect on the future of Interior Design strategically and to rethink solutions of post-epidemic housing by posing the emerging questions around the current Covid-19 crisis, and how the field put the pandemic under the harsh spotlight responding with resiliency.

Course teacher: Maurizio Scalzi


-> Interior Design for Hotels

(Advanced level)

The online course will enable participants to understand the combination of aesthetics, functionality, and of operational aspects necessary to design successful hotels. It will also be a crucial moment to reflect and to find answers for future needs of safety related to potential new pandemics, and to respond to a new way of travelling. Students will dive into an in-depth analysis of contemporary hotel typologies, of the latest hotel design trends, and information concerning materials, furniture, and lighting. The course offers an extensive exploration of the broad and complex field of Interior Design within the hospitality industry, and of the way it is quickly changing and evolving.

Course teacher: Maurizio Scalzi

-> Fashion Image & Styling I

(Introductory level)

Students will develop an understanding and gain experience in style-hunting and image styling as the foundations of fashion and project development. They are provided with an overview of the Italian Fashion System, and they will be inspired to develop their ideas and their potential to the fullest. Participants will learn how to apply trend innovatively and styling skills to create a style for a fashion magazine or a collection look, interpreting the personality of clients/audiences and their lifestyle, and to propose a new image through clothing, accessories, props and location combos.

Course teacher: Alessia Covri

-> Fashion Image & Styling II

(Intermediate level)

Students will be given technical training in the field of fashion styling needed for the creation of a perfect fashion image, considering trend hunting, set design and photo shooting production, press office activities (VIP, celebrity and influencer seeding), and social media strategy & management. Personal research and observation will be used to analyse contemporary advertising tools used to promote fashion products for the targeted consumer audience. Students will experience the excitement of thinking and producing a photoshoot and a video with the help of an expert team remotely, and a social media profile with the correct strategy in terms of graphics and promotion.

Course teacher: Alessia Covri


NABA Online Summer Courses 2020 are intensive research and project-based trainings, which include:
INTRODUCTORY LEVEL COURSE: intended for students without any academic background in the specific subject area and for students attending their first year of university studies in Art and Design
•• INTERMEDIATE LEVEL COURSES: for students with some background in that specific subject area and to students attending or having completed one or two years of their university studies in Art and Design who are keen on building upon this through hands-on training experience
••• ADVANCED LEVEL COURSE: for final year university students or those with some initial work experience in the field willing to explore new opportunities combining strategy and creativity.


Applications are due no later than one week prior to the beginning of the online course.


You can apply to NABA Online Summer Courses by contacting Italstudio.


€ 750 tuition fee for a 2-week session.
The fees include: online class work, lectures and virtual visits, when relevant, included in the program. Total fees are due by the start date of the course and under no circumstances students who have not finalized the payment will be admitted into class.


Download the brochure NABA ONLINE SUMMER COURSES 2020
N.B. Extra edition in 2020: August 31 – September 11 

VIDEO Online NABA Summer courses

  • All classes are held in English, so a fluent understanding is required
  • Students must meet the eligibility criteria of the chosen course, as NABA will not take any responsibility for students who choose a course level that is not suitable to their abilities
  • NABA accepts applications by students from 18 years of age. In case of applicants who are 16 and show a strong motivation to NABA Introductory courses, they will be considered upon a written declaration of responsibility signed by both parents or legal guardians
  • NABA strongly suggests that students are Technology Proficient in the following:
      › Basic computer skills
      › The ability to be self-directed in learning new technology skills (eg. Following a handout, a step-by-step tutorial, online video help, or access to support to learn necessary skills)
  • We recommend that students have Minimum Computer Requirements such as:
      › Minimum Hardware Requirements (PC or Mac with fast processor, monitor, speakers, webcam, headset and microphone)
      › Minimum Software Requirements
      › Internet Connection Requirements (high speed broadband internet connection)

NABA Academic System is based on CFA credits (1 CFA = 1 ECTS). NABA can award credits for Online Summer Courses 2020, so it will be easier for students to transfer their credits to other Universities and Academies that use or acknowledge the ECTS system.

Upon successfully completing each 2-week Online Summer Course, NABA will issue 3 credits to students who wish to transfer credits back to their home institution (upon approval).
Interested students must request the relevant course syllabus to the NABA Summer Courses Office and then submit it to their home institution for approval of the credit transfer.

In order to be issued credits, the student:
› Must be 18 years old
› Shall have earned a high school diploma
› Must be enrolled at a recognized higher education institution
› Must meet the Online Summer Course admission requirements
› Must have successfully passed the Online Summer Course learning outcomes


Please contact ITALSTUDIO if you to apply or want more details!