NABA scholarship competitions postgraduate programs


In order to promote excellence in academic disciplines, NABA intends to support highly motivated and talented young people, by offering 40 scholarships that partially cover (60%, 50%, 40% and 20%) the tuition fees to attend the postgraduate programs starting next September 2018.

The winners of each contest will be awarded three scholarships covering respectively 60%, 50%, 40% and two special mentions covering 20% of the total tuition fee of each of the Master Programs:

  • Design – Interior Design
  • Design – Product Design
  • Fashion and Textile Design
  • Communication Design
  • Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies
  • Contemporary Art Markets
  • Creative Advertising
  • Photography and Visual Design

• Students having a university degree certificate or a first-level academic diploma or equivalent title, earning that qualification within the last term of academic year 2017/18.
• Applicants having a proven professional experience in relevant fields for the chosen educational path.


The application must be sent by and no later than May 11th 2018.
Candidates will be informed about the results of the competition by e-mail on June 5th 2018.
Candidates who have been awarded a scholarship must enrol within and not later than June 13th, 2017, otherwise the scholarship will be cancelled.

If you want to participate please contact us: