Scholarship competition NABA Summer Courses

NABA is pleased to launch the scholarship competition “BACK TO THE NA(FU)TURE”
for the 2020 Summer Courses

NABA wants to motivate young international talents eager to undertake an intensive summer study experience in Milan and Rome, by offering 20 half scholarships (50% of the tuition fee) for one of the NABA’s 2-week Summer Courses running through June to July 2020.



The world is burdened by unsustainable choices and lifestyles. By observing the place where you live, the city, and your country, we ask you to take photos and draw whatever you think that could be improved.

By immersing yourself in nature, become inspired by its shapes, colors and its unbelievable ability of adaptation.

Based upon your chosen area of study, develop a project (a piece of artwork, of clothing, a short video, etc…) to educate contemporary society on the topic of environmental sustainability and on the daily relationship we have with it, to promote a healthier and more balanced future.

What is it?

Applicants should submit a creative project that is coherent with their chosen field and that is representative of their identity: a color, an object, a piece of fabric, a sound, a video…


20 scholarships covering half (50%) of the tuition fee for one of the 2-week NABA Summer Courses 2020.


NABA Summer Scholarship Competition 2020 is addressed to anyone with a passion for Italian culture, design, fashion, interior and architecture, visual and graphic design or any related field, who has a curious mind and an attitude for critical thinking and investigation.


Details: Scholarship Competition  for NABA Summer Courses 2020

Deadline: 17th February 2020.

Contact ITALSTUDIO for further details: