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Università del Piemonte Orientale

At the University of Piemonte Orientale one Master Course in Medical Biotechnologies is also held in English !
The university is located in three small towns where you can easily walk around: Alessandria, Novara and Vercelli, in the east of Piedmont Region. Milan is just 40 kms far from Novara, and Turin is also nearby.

About the University

The Rectorate and the Departments have a broad range of facilities and services to improve the quality of students’ lives and to assist them before, during and after university years:
–Orientation service aims at introducing new students to academic and support staff and helping them with any queries about studies (the University offers free language courses)
–Financial aid (loans, part-time jobs on campus, scholarships and grants)
–Residences and housing assistance, university restaurants, canteens etc.
–Cultural, leisure and sport events and activities promoted by students
–Specialized peer tutorship and support for disabled students and students with learning disabilities
–Training and Career Service aims at assisting students to explore stages and job options, as well as internship and apprenticeship opportunities.

The recent national evaluation of research quality (ANVUR) ranks us at the 4th place between Italian midsized Universities and at the 1st place in many disciplines: Biology, Political Sciences, Sociology, Computer Science, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Public Health, Philosophy, History, and Sociology.

For general information you can visit the official site of the University Piemonte Orientale (Medical Biotechnologies).


Bachelor course held in English

The Università del Piemonte Orientale doesn’t offer Bachelor programs in English, only master programs.


Master course held in English

The Università del Piemonte Orientale offers one 2-year Master degree program.

Master course in Medical Biotechnologies

The Course in Medical Biotechnologies is designed to prepare graduate students with a solid chemical and biological knowledge, with particular interest in the pathophysiological and diagnostic contexts. The course aims at providing interdisciplinary lessons based on various fields of biotechnologies of medical interest, with particular emphasis on basic research, diagnostics, target therapy and regenerative medicine. All courses are delivered in English language.

The educational objectives of the Course focus to achieve a graduate preparation that will enable the student to:

  • Have a good basic understanding of complex biological systems, studied at the molecular and cellular level, in particular related to humans;
  • Possess the cultural background and the multidisciplinary experimental techniques that characterize the biotechnological environment for the production of services through the use of biological systems;
  • Possess adequate skills for communication and information management in the international arena;
  • Be able to work in team and developing networking skills, maintaining a solid operative autonomy


Graduates in Medical Biotechnologies are able to use in total autonomy biotechnological protocols in the medical field. They should be able to quickly fit in the working environments at national, European and extra-European levels, possessing appropriate technical and scientific skills, including an adequate use of English language for communication and information management. Employment opportunities for graduates in Medical Biotechnologies are identifiable in:

  • Universities and other Institutes and public and private research
  • Structures of the National Health System, hospitals, public and private specialized laboratories
  • Pharmaceuticals & Biotech
  • Centers of research and development of diagnostic products in the health biotechnology
  • Centers of biotechnology in the medical services
  • Institutes for processing of health standard or patent relating to the exploitation of biotechnology products for the protection of human health
  • Clinical Research Organizations (CRO) for development of innovative drugs

Examples of functions that are required for to a medical biotechnologist are:

  • Application of biotechnology techniques such as support services for biomedical research
  • Molecular diagnostics (DNA sequencing, PCR, in situ hybridization)
  • Production of vectors for experimental and gene therapy use
  • Generation and maintenance of cells culture
  • Generation of genetically engineered cells for diagnostic and therapeutic approaches
  • Generation of transgenic animals for the production of therapeutic proteins or for xenotransplantation
  • Collaboration in clinical trials of biotech drugs
  • Cooperation in the optimization and customization of drug therapy
  • Application of the principles of pharmacogenomics
  • Clinical monitoring of biotech drugs
  • Development and application of biotechnology-based diagnostic tests
  • Analysis and experimental biotechnologies
  • Technical and scientific information in biotechnology


Please contact Italstudio for additional information (we speak English, Dutch and Italian).

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