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The University of Pisa strives to expand upon its internationalisation; its goal is to attract more international students to experience Pisa and the campus. This is why a series of courses is also offered in English !
The University has a special budget for foreign students. Therefore the University guarantees cheap housing facilities and free Italian Language courses to foreign students who register with assistance of Italstudio.

N.B. In order to register and get these facilities you have to contact Italstudio as soon as possible, so we can get you a registration number that entitles you to these facilities.

About the University of Pisa

The University of Pisa is one of the most renowned educational institutions in Italy and one of the oldest in the world (formally founded in 1343).
and it has been extraordinarily successful in updating its structures and human resources in order to meet the new challenges of international research and education at the highest level.

It has an excellent international reputation in all areas – not only in natural sciences and mathematics, but also for example in humanities, social sciences, medicine, engineering, agricultural and other applied sciences. It leads important international research and education networks, and incorporates their findings into its programmes. The University of Pisa is committed to promoting quality in all areas of research and teaching, and to making all its programmes available to an increasing number of international students and researchers.

Nowadays the University of Pisa represents a prestigious modern centre for teaching and advanced research. Almost all of its departments are located in the heart of the city in both the historical centre and the outer districts. Most facilities can be reached on foot within 20 minutes from the centre of Pisa.
For general information, read a short presentation or contact Italstudio!

Foundation courses

Foundation courses – in English

The University of Pisa offers a unique Foundation course!
The Foundation Course is a study programme mainly taught in English that encompasses several fields of study. It is primarily aimed at candidates who do not have the minimum schooling requirements (12 years, like Vwo- and IB-diploma’s) requested by the current legislation for the university access.

Why study a foundation programme?

The foundation course offers you a direct route into studying at a world-class university.
It is a preparatory course taught in both Italian and english aimed at prospective students who want to apply for undergraduate degrees at the University of Pisa.
If you do not meet the entry criteria for your chosen undergraduate course, the foundation course may offer you an alternative entry route.
All of our undergraduate courses can be accessed via the foundation course, and international students will also have the chance to improve their Italian language skills.
Students who pass the Foundation Course will be exempted from the Italian Proficiency University admission test of the University of Pisa.
A foundation course is the first step on the way to successfully obtaining your degree!

Application for the foundation course 2020/2021 is now open!
Deadline for application: 15 July 2020 (for EU candidates)

Study options

1. Foundation Course Humanities

– Italian Literature: an introduction (12 CFC)
– Modern European History (9 CFC)
– Greek and Roman Archaeology (9 CFC)
– History of Art: an introduction (6 CFC)
– Introduction to Philosophical Thought (3 CFC)
The remaining 24 credits will consist of courses in the Italian Language and Culture to make up a total of 60 credits.

2. Foundation Course Science

The FC prepares students interested in studying a degree programme in Agriculture, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Maths, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Pharmacy and Physics. The content of the courses takes into account the admission exam to Medicine and the evaluation tests students must take in order to access a degree programme.

– Basic Mathematical Language, Modelling and Reasoning (12 CFC)
– Physics (9 CFC)
– Chemistry (6 CFC)
– Biology (6 CFC)
– Principles of Economics and Management (3 CFC)
The remaining 24 credits will consist of courses in the Italian Language and Culture to make up a total of 60 credits.

Free Choice Modules

Modules from main study options cam be taken separately for any students who wich to supplement knowledge of a subject befor entering the main University course.

Once a student has finished the FC programme, s/he will receive a certificate which will allow the student to request enrolment in a Bachelor’s or long single-cycle degree programme at the University of Pisa.
Once a student has obtained the FC certificate, should the student be interested in pursuing a degree programme at another Italian university, it will be the student’s responsibility to contact the university of interest in order to request information about the procedure and timetable for a pre-evaluation and possible enrolment.

Admission requirements

Candidates interested in pursuing the FC must meet the following requirements:
• Certified knowledge of the English language at a B2 level
• High school diploma (min. 11 years of education), like Havo-diploma.

Please contact Italstudio!
We can send you the Foundation course brochure 2020/2021 and/or Application Form.


1) International Programme in Humanities (IPH)

The University of Pisa offers the International Programme in Humanities (IPH).
The IPH is a one-year program taught exclusively in English.

And it is also the first year of a three-year Bachelor’s Degree program in:

– History
– Cultural Heritage Studies
– Sciences of Communication and Performing Arts
– Foreign Languages and Literatures

You will experience a full immersion into Italian language and culture which will then prepare you to study years 2 and 3 mainly in Italian.
During the IPH you will develop your knowledge in various subject areas by attending a range of classes, visiting historical sites in central Italy, discovering local culture and meeting other students and people from all over the world.
Courses offered in this programme: Classical Civilizations, Classical Achaeology, Medieval Art, The Renaissance in Italy, Modern and Contemporary Art, Introduction to Philosophy, Modern Italian History, Italian Literature, Italian Cinema, Italian Music.

Who can enrol in the IPH?

The programme is open to all students, but it is specifically aimed at international students who are interested in studying for a Bachelor’s degree in the area of Humanities.

This programme allows you to study for the time period which suits you (1 year or 3 years), giving you the possibility to integrate into the life and culture of Italy. All courses will be taught by professors who have experience teaching at prestigious universities around the world.
At the same time you will be given the opportunity to learn Italian at the University’s language center. After studying for a full year in English, you will have the option to continue your studies in Italian for 2 more years and earn a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities.

Requirements to apply to the programme

Students who are interested in applying are required to have:

  • a strong motivation 
  • good knowledge of English (B2 language level). Some form of certificate is required. Knowledge of Italian is not required (students will learn Italian during their first year). Each candidate will have a Skype interview with the Evaluation Committee in order to prove his/her English knowledge;
  • High School Diploma after studying a minimum of 12 years (i.e.: elementary, middle and high school combined). If you have not finished High School yet you can send your latest school evaluation. 

Please, bear in mind that you must follow a pre-enrolment process at the Italian embassy of your country of residence. This process has to be carried out only if students have been accepted and have received the acceptance letter.
N.B. Application deadline: 31 May 2020.

Please contact Italstudio!
We can send you the IPH brochure 2020/2021 and/or Application Form.

2) Management for Business and Economics

The MBE – Bachelor of Science in Management for Business and Economics is an undergraduate program at the University of Pisa with the primary mission to help young people to succeed in the business and economics world.

This bachelor of science is thought to be a one-way journey in the world of the international management for business and economics.

Please contact Italstudio!
We can send you the MBE brochure 2020/2021 and/or Application Form.


Master courses held in English

The University of Pisa strives to expand upon its internationalisation; its goal is to attract more international students to experience Pisa and the campus. This is why it has established 11 Master’s degree programmes and an MBA taught exclusively in English.
In addition, the University also offers 2 PhD programmes taught in English, as well as some courses within the Master’s degree programme in “Storia e Civiltà” (History and Civilisation) and the single-cycle Degree Programme in “Chimica e Tecnologia Farmaceutiche” (Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology).
The catalogue with a full description of each Master’s degree programme we offer is available and provides details of the admission requirements and an overview of the programmes including the professional prospects after graduation.|
An extraordinary contribution will be offered to international students enrolled in a Master’s degree programme.

  • Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering
    This Master’s program lasts 2 years with a total of 120 ECTS credits earned. This program has only one intake (September). Graduates of Aerospace Engineering will have the chance to continue their studies into higher education as well as pursue careers in the aerospace industry, public and private aerospace research institutions, the Air Force, and other industrial enterprises where the application of aerospace technology is especially relevant.
  • Master of Science in Business Informatics
    This Master’s program lasts 2 years with a total of 120 ECTS credits earned. This program has been designed to meet the growing demand for professionals with an interdisciplinary skill both in informatics and in business to satisfy the increasing demand by companies to compete using analytics methods. The graduate program is focused on Business Intelligence techniques to support decision-making.
    The Program offers a wide range of courses taught in English. Some of the courses are taught in Italian.
  • Master of Science in Bionics Engineering
    The M.Sc. in Bionics Engineering is characterized by a limited enrolment (20-40 students). This program has only one intake (September). Bionics engineering is a new frontier of biomedical engineering. Bionics indicates the research area which integrates the most advanced robotics and bioengineering technologies with life sciences, such as medicine and neuroscience, materials science, etc. One of the primary goals of the M.Sc. in Bionics Engineering is to challenge a selected core of very highly qualified students that, besides acquiring high-level professional skills, will also foster the progress of the research activities in the bionics field.
  • Master of Science in Computer Engineering
    This Master’s program lasts 2 years with a total of 120 ECTS credits earned. This program has only one intake (September). Master of Science in Computer Engineering provides students with a solid, in-depth scientific and technical background, in line with the innovation needs of the informatics field. The course further advances the student knowledge portfolio, in both the fundamental sciences and the engineering disciplines. This allows graduates to interact with engineering professionals from all different backgrounds, as well as to complete their mastering of computer engineering.
  • Master of Science in Computer Science
    This Master’s program lasts 2 years with a total of 120 ECTS credits earned. This program has only one intake (September). The Master Degree in Computer Science aims at educating specialists with solid foundations in computer science and high qualification in information technologies. The program covers all the fundamental topics for a master graduate in computer science.
    From a professional perspective, graduates will be experts in the design and development of innovative information systems and of modern global communication infrastructures.
  • Master of Science in Computer Science and Networking
    This Master’s program lasts 2 years with a total of 120 ECTS credits earned. This program has only one intake (September). The Master Program in Computer Science and Networking has been designed to meet the growing demand for an emerging kind of professionals with high-level expertise in both computer and information science and technologies, and communication networking science and technologies in a strongly integrated manner. This expertise is needed in the design and implementation of both innovative software-hardware distributed infrastructures and service-based distributed applications in several areas of industry, e-business, research, social and citizen services, public administration.
  • Master of Science in Embedded Computing Systems
    This Master’s program lasts 2 years with a total of 120 ECTS credits earned. This program has only one intake (September). This program is orientated towards teaching students how to design, develop and analyze complex computer systems while helping them enter in the professional world. Over the past thirty years, embedded computing systems have become increasingly important in the different areas including industrial automation, avionics, automotive systems, telecommunications, consumer
    electronics and robotics.
  • Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering
    This Master’s program lasts 2 years with a total of 120 ECTS credits earned. This program has only one intake (September). The Master of Science program in Nuclear Engineering is based on the long tradition in teaching Nuclear Engineering at the University of Pisa, started in 1960. The study matters cover all the important areas necessary for acquiring high-level competences in the field, including Reactor Physics, Nuclear Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics, Structural Mechanics, Radiation Measurement and Health Effects, Nuclear Reactor Power Plant Technology, Nuclear Materials, Nuclear Reactor Control and Operation, Nuclear Reactor Safety and Reliability.

For Natural Sciences and Mathematics, for Physics and for Computer Science  the University of Pisa is among the top 100 institutions in the world according to the 2011 ARWU.
For Mathematics, the University of Pisa is among the top 50 universities in the world.

Please contact Italstudio for additional information (we speak English, Dutch and Italian).
At request we can send you more detailed information about every single master program!

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